rich girls

LOVE IS THE DEALER // OUT NOW on Tricycle Records

"The spawn of Hope Sandoval and 1977 Iggy Pop" — GTC

"Steady, twinkling, noir-tinged...Orbison pop updated." — New York Music Daily

"A beautiful intersection of sound." — BUST Magazine

Rich Girls is an American garage rock band led by Luisa Black. The band formed around a series of dark pop demos Black wrote and recorded while living in London after the breakup of her SF garage trio The Blacks. The result was The One I Want, a pop confessional of love and addiction released on Tricycle Records in 2013. A second EP, FIVER, quickly followed, cementing the Rich Girls high/low sound. The band has since found a small following in unexpected outposts across the UK and Europe. 


Rich Girls combines the polish of British art rock with the primitive energy of American garage. A new EP, Love is the Dealer, is out now with a vinyl release on Tricycle Records. Sounds like: reverb-heavy torch songs from the dark end of the street. Rich Girls is based in NYC. 

Luisa Black: vocals + guitar

August Churchill: guitar

Gavin Haag: drums