rich girls

"Unforgiving defiance. A thrilling listen" — Atwood Magazine

"Rich Girls pair pop-noir opulence with opposition" — Vanyaland

"Music for the midnight hours" — Turn Up the Volume

Rich Girls is an American garage rock band led by Luisa Black. The band formed around a series of dark pop demos Black wrote and recorded while living in London after the breakup of her SF garage trio The Blacks. The result was The One I Want, a pop confessional of love and addiction released on Tricycle Records in 2013. A second EP, FIVER, quickly followed, cementing the Rich Girls high/low sound. The band has since found a small following in unexpected outposts across the UK and Europe. 


Rich Girls combines the polish of British art rock with the primitive energy of American garage. Love is the Dealer (2016) had a vinyl release on Tricycle Records. BLACK CITY, the band's first full-length was released April 6.  Sounds like: reverb-heavy torch songs from the dark end of the street. Rich Girls is based in NYC. 

Luisa Black: vocals + guitar

August Churchill: guitar

Jonny Naismith: guitar

Gavin Haag: drums